Easily Install Group Policy Editor (GPEdit.msc) In Windows 10 Home Edition


We have already given a solution to enable Group Policy Editor (gpedit.msc) in Windows 10 Home Edition. But that solution is old and many people are complaining that they are not able to enable the group policy editor even after after the method. Easily Install Group Policy Editor

In this article, we will show you another method which will automatically enable gpedit.msc console after running a batch file. This method should work 100% fine.

I have tested it on Windows 10 Home Edition but it should also work on earlier versions of Windows Home including Windows 7 Home Edition and Windows 8/8.1 Home Edition.

Download Group Policy Enabler for Windows 10
The good news is that Windows 10 Home Edition includes Group Policy feature on default installation but this feature is disabled by default. You just have to enable the feature to bring back gpedit.msc. The first step is to download the following file.

GPEdit Enabler for Windows 10 Home Edition
This is simply a batch file which will install the missing features in Windows 10 Home including group policy.

Installing gpedit.msc correctly
Let’s go through the process step by step so that even the novice users can follow the steps and enable group policy editor on their systems.

Download Group Policy Enabler from above link.
Right-click gpedit-enabler.bat and select Run as Administrator

This will start the installation process. The process will take a few minutes to install group policy features. At the end, simple press any key to close the command prompt window.

Now go to Run –> gpedit.msc. This should open group policy editor.

Although a restart is not required, but you may restart the computer if it’s not working for your right away.

After the above simple steps, you should have a working group policy editor in Windows 10 Home. Please note that we are not using any third-party software for enabling the group policy. In this method, we are using the built-in Windows packages installation for installing gpedit.msc. So this method should be 100% safe and should work in all conditions.


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